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Necessity Tools WARNING


  • Adult Use Only

  • Maximum Pull Rating: 200 lbs.

  • Must Wear Full Face & Eye Protection

  • Experienced Mechanic Use Only

  • Place provided protective cover over hook when not in use.

  • To prevent against potential injuries and structural failures, this tool should not be used for other than its intended purpose. Please regularly inspect this tool for metal fatigue, cracks, missing pieces and general instability. If this tool appears to be damaged, immediately remove from service to be replaced or repaired. Failure to follow this warning could result in serious injury. Adult Use Only. All Necessity Tools units are sold without warranty, neither expressed or implied. No warranty or representation is made as to ability of any unit to protect user from any form of injury or death. User assumes total responsibility for unit inspection prior to each use. Necessity Tools total liability is limited solely to the repair or replacement of defective parts (see store policies for additional information.) User assumes total responsibility to obtain and adhere to applicable operating methods prior to use.

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